Sunday, October 26, 2014

No short story here yet as I'm swamped at work, transcribing reality TV interviews, when I really want to write my stuff, which is so frustrating.  In one assignment last week after the star of the show blew her line about 15 times, she said, "Oh, did you want me to project more? I can do it again." The guy off camera mumbled in pain, "It's okay we got it."  They had interviewed her for 1.25 hours and got two maybe three sound bites, almost complete sentences if you cobble them together later. Amazing.

It's this work that keeps me from writing my stories, but one must pay the rent.

In that interview, the model tried to explain that twerk class is exercise, and she could not find the words.  Wonder why.  "Can i say butt on television?" she asked. Having never read a paragraph in her life, she does not know what is and is not in the dictionary.

It's this work that is keeping me from finishing the first short story until hopefully November 1, so I'm shooting for the weekend of November 1, but can’t turn down a paid job right now so- 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

After the second time I assaulted Cardinal Mahony on the street in L.A., a judge had me live in a shelter for wayward women instead of a prison sentence. In a conversation at that East Hollywood kitchen table, I had the moment of recognition: I have a perfect excuse to kill somebody. Story coming soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

woke up 2 AM last night, "That's the story point!" for this new thing I'm doing a fiction piece, it's coming out fast and that AM wakeup had me laughing out loud for a really long time. Hope others feel same when they read it. . . coming soon, "An Excuse To Kill Somebody" short story fiction by me. Will be posted here in a week. . . ?