Friday, June 5, 2015

The Pope and I – 1

When I heard Rick Santorum’s announcement on Climate Change, for the Pope to "leave science to the scientists," I went right to Facebook to set the world straight. 

“The Pope was working on a masters in chemistry when he made a career change.” I wrote and posted an article "Six Things you Should Know About the New Pope" from a few years back.

On the other side of the globe at the exact same time at the Vatican, a monsignor is briefing el papa on the entire incident, the Pope finding Santorum’s sound bite flabbergasting.

He chuckles, “I taught graduate seminars-”

Smiling the monsignor says, “You'll be surprised to know who was the first to make the point on social media.”

He hands the Pope a tablet with my little Facebook post on the screen. 

“Again? City of Angels, that woman?”

"Many American journalists are misreporting that you actually have a master's degree."

"Hmm," he looks out the window. "Instead I entered the seminary." 

El Papa chuckles again, watching the activity on the tablet. 

Since his first days in office, Ebeling in Los Angeles had been at the top of his daily stack of intelligence, because her blog had forced information out about the pedophile priests back in 2007-8, even when the previous Pope thought his staff had a vice grip on release of information. At first Vatican staff watched her as a potential threat, then they realized it was actually the internet that took control of the story out of their hands, Ebeling was just one of the first to figure out how to use it.  

Plus, it had not been hard to empty out her steam.

When Francis read her posts his first months in office, he was stunned at how often she’d actually been right.    

Asked if he wanted to make a statement about Santorum, el papa chucked again, and the meeting was over.

He handed the tablet back to the monsignor, saying, “Email that Ebeling link to me.”

Then got on his own laptop and within a few seconds pulled this story up and this story as well, and for a moment, had a hard time breathing.  



Our Left Wing Pope Is Just a Creation of Fox News

It woke me up, this idea, probably many others have had it already but isn't it suspicious that our new left wing pope is being guided through the media by a Fox News trollop*? This pic 



My theory: It was a deal. Francis got named Pope to derail child sex abuse charges with a Sudden Left Wing Turn in the church. He gets to steer to the left and help the poor, and the old monarchs get to keep the files secret. Just my paranoid, plot seeing brain at work as always. BUT ... 

To be continued ...

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